The Firm

SMV Engineers is a full service structural engineering firm with diverse experience in the design of buildings and associated structures. We provide world class structural engineering with cutting edge technology, state of the art design software and in-depth experience. We are able to provide structural designs from concept to construction documents that are adaptive to any local market and with competitive fees. Our contributions to each assignment reflect our commitment to service, creativity, technical excellence and structural efficiency. Our experienced design professionals dedicate themselves to providing design solutions that combine value and cost-savings to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

Structural Engineering has different meaning to different clients and we mend our role to suit our client’s perspective. Owners/developers want us to design for safety, cost minimization and speed of construction. Architect sees our role as supporters of their creative ideas, helping them use various forms, materials and imagination to build a masterpiece. Contractors see us as providing a solution that is easy to build and support them responsively during the execution for timely completion of their project. Our structural engineering clients see us as providing crucial support for their relevant role while making them more marketable and competitive. We understand that our success lies in understanding our relevance to a particular role and confirm to it to the best of our abilities.      

SMV has a team of structural engineers and support personnel to undertake project of any size and complexity. Our engineers are highly qualified carrying graduate degrees in structural engineering, valuable experience in working on design software of international repute and able to translate design into effective drawings. We provide design of all types building and non-building structures confirming to the local codes and standards as applicable. We have experience in designing with structural steel, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, pre-cast concrete, masonry and timber structures. We also have a highly trained staff of BIM/CAD technicians.