About SMV Engineers

SMV Engineers successfully collaborates with developers, owners, architects, contractors and other structural engineers to develop effective and optimized structural solutions. We view our clients and other teams as collaborators working towards a same goal of project success. Our particular interest is to find innovative and optimized solutions to structurally challenging projects while being client oriented, responsive and collaborative.

We see us as providers of both products and services. Our strengths on product side are to offer a design that is innovative, optimized and technically excellent. Our strengths on the service side are to offer our product with personal attention to our clients and being extremely responsive to all questions and requests in collaborating with all others involved in a project. Our goal is to make the whole experience of structural engineering a pleasant one, for all involved, while delivering a successful final product. 

We strongly believe that a successful collaboration will lead to better behaving structures, optimization resulting in reduced waste from the system, increased efficiency and better benefits to the community as a whole. We also believe that as a consultant, it is our ethical duty to look out for and protect the interests of our clients and be proactive to avoid adverse situations.